WDS Brand Identity Questionnaire

Great design concepts, great color palettes, and great brand ideas come from great research. A good understanding of your brand is the key part of our design process, thus we prepared this questionnaire.

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Design is an unregulated profession, meaning that in this profession the range between price and expertise of designers is opaque. Through this questionnaire, we will precisely define the scope of your project. This means that only after you complete the questionnaire can we give you an accurate assessment. At this early stage of the process, we are only interested in your rough plan.

The stationery package includes your business cards, letterhead & envelope. Please note, that this is an addition to the budget selected above. The basic package includes three deliverables, additional ones will be part of a separately prepared offer.

Corporate design manual includes: positive and negative form of the logo, black and white version and it determines the minimal size of the logo, the minimum area around the logo, color sheme, primary and secondary typography...Corporate design manual is designed for the successful use of graphic constants of visual identity.

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