Wedesignstuff playlist 06

When the spring sun hits after several long winter days, it’s time for a new playlist. An easy way to recharge your body (ride your bike while listening) & mind (lay down on a hot sunny surface).

Wedesignstuff playlist 05

This  playlist is dedicated to the dream pop songs.  Enjoy listening to sonic textures, breathy vocals and echo-laden guitars. Perfect for lazy summer days.

Wedesignstuff playlist 03

Wedesignstuff is off to the beach. Chill and stuff with our new summer playlist.

Wedesignstuff playlist 02

All new collection of music stuff we like.

Wedesignstuff playlist 01

Music is a huge part of our lives and our taste is constantly changing based on how we feel or what we’re doing. Listening to music at work increases accuracy and speed, a new study has found. Check out what music we are listening to while working.