Wedesignstuff playlist 07

We are very aware of how privileged we are, to be able to work from home during these times. Finally finding time to redesign our page and give attention to things that have been put away for so long. However, it is not always easy to keep focus and a positive sight, so we help […]

Wedesignstuff playlist 06

When the spring sun hits after several long winter days, it’s time for a new playlist. An easy way to recharge your body (ride your bike while listening) & mind (lay down on a hot sunny surface).

Wedesignstuff playlist 05

This  playlist is dedicated to the dream pop songs.  Enjoy listening to sonic textures, breathy vocals and echo-laden guitars. Perfect for lazy summer days.

Amsterdam & coziness

“Hygge” is a Norwegian word for coziness and a sense of well-being. One can feel that the dutch really live this philosophy in a matter of days. It is shown in the interior design, style of clothes, and in the relaxed rush between the canals.

Wedesignstuff playlist 04

Time flies and we are already in December, decorating our homes and going crazy about the presents! Grab a cup of hot chocolate and ease your worries with this holiday playlist.