We approach to stuff

What stuff are you working on? We discuss this over an introductory tea/coffee/skype, but we prefer tea to be honest. At this point we get to know each other, not just idea and product wise, but also on a personal level. The best collaborations happen when we’re all on the same page. We’ll ask all about your idea, vision, thoughts, concerns, budget, past experiences and deliverables. From our past experiences we’ve learnt that clients connecting us usually don’t have a problem with major conceptual or visual changes of their brand. Most take on the complex process of change with trust and courage. They understand that an original idea and quality visuals, are two key factors in establishing a strong and memorable brand.

We research stuff

Great design concepts, great color palettes and great brand ideas come from great research. Great research is the start of our design process. With a thorough questionnaire at the helm. Thus we get a clear and deep understanding of all the details and stories of your stuff. Through each stage of our process we look back at the questionnaire as a reference point. Our research also benchmarks your stuff’s competition so that we can analyse how we can make your stuff truly stand out in today’s crowded world.


We propose stuff

Concept, concept, concept, and a hundred times again CONCEPT. In all our team meetings, the word concept is the one most mentioned. This defines our design approach, as we take on new clients holistically. We audit the whole brand and suggest improvements. This holistic design approach means, it is hard for us to design just brochures, if we see that the brand’s problem starts with it’s visual identity. We deeply believe that consistency and unity across all aspects of a brand are the keys to a stronger and memorable brand. Thus we’ll propose a concept making your stuff unique, with a special glow and a character of it’s own.

We design stuff

This is what we’re all about. You’ll get an experienced design team focused on designing custom stuff. Our typical minimalistic style enables clients’ brands to live through trends and clearly communicate the story of the company while making content stand out. As we create our design, we devote the same amount of attention to all elements of a brand’s visual identity. Thus as we set information on corporate materials, we always look for ways to support the visual identity. We realize that it is not enough that the resulting design is beautiful. Like the legendary architect Louis Sullivan once said: “Form ever follows function.”


We make stuff happen

We believe that a good final design is a reflection of a good partnership with the client. We take on each challenge with our design process developed from years of experience. Each client and each project is a pledge. Our wish for long term cooperation, reflects our holistic design philosophy. The final product represents our best solution to the set problem. Depending on the complexity of the project, we might connect to outside coworkers. Experts of their fields, with whom we share the same philosophy, to be able to deliver the final stuff in it’s final form. When creating whole visual identities we give a significant focus to the choice of colours, creative papers and appropriate printing techniques. Great design starts on great paper.